Project Management

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One of the largest challenges that homeowners find with remodeling projects is the actual management of the projects. There are so many elements to contend with that someone who is “going it alone” can end up with huge headaches!

As a Professional Interior Designer, I work continuously with project management. It is up to my office to schedule all the appropriate sub-contractors AND (this is the hardest part for most homeowners) make sure they come on time and finish before the next sub contractor is scheduled.

With all the parts of the project, there can be as many as 10-15 different contractors to contend with. Interior Designers can streamline this process and make the headaches go away. I have utilized my contractors during many projects and know the quality of the work. Trying to meet with, find the lowest bids, and cross your fingers that the job will be done correctly is a challenge that my clients do not need to overcome.

The Los Angeles Times had an article on August 6th about contractors who have taken thier clients for a ride. Not finishing projects, doing half the work for the entire deposit, and generally doing a sloppy job are some of the complaints.

The contractors that I use have all been screened for workmanship and utilized on many projects prior to yours. Don’t get caught with problems that can haunt you for years.

Project management takes time and effort, but it is well worth working out the kinks in the plan ahead of time. A Professional Interior Designer can help make the remodel smooth and easy.

10 Jul 2008