Doggie Design

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Being friend to the four-legged, I can always understand clients who need to incorporate thier furry loved ones into thier home design. The extensive new technologies in fabrics and furnishing construction can keep the domestic peace.

In the design of my own home, I incorporated hand woven wool rugs with intricate patterns in that special shade of Chocolate Brown to match my Chocolate Labrador, Hank.

My floors are hardwood- read, easy clean for all the summer shedding, semi gloss paint on the floorboards where pooches can rub up or dribble leftover water from the ever present hole in thier chins!

In my family, Hank does not get to roost on the furniture (he’s a solid 105 lbs), but in some of my clients homes, the rules are more fluid and the dogs smaller. In those cases, selecting the right fabrics for wearand no tear is crucial.

I recommend indoor-outdoor fabric for dog beds and some cusions. The new prints in these durable, hoseable fabrics are gorgeous and can help you keep a tight looking ship.

In one client’s home, I gave an older pup a leg up to the bed with a custom two step doggie ladder with reproduction antique dogs carved on both sides. The look is fantastic, and the function….well…..ask the cozy pooch.

Small dogs have smaller bladders, ect. and need to be provided for if housebreaking has not fully taken. I always provide a cleaning pamphlet with rugs and fabrics. It’s good to know what to do with those unpleasent surprises. With some planning, “Fido, No!” can be removed from your vocabulary.

Dog beds are a hot item in the market and they come in all shapes and colors. It is important to get the best quality bed for our best friends in support and comfort. The new Coolaroo dog beds are great for outdoor hammock style doggie living.

Indoors, a plush bed in a fantastic outdoor fabric print can compliment a decor in a way the old brown round beds never could. They even come in memory foam so our friends can sleep in comfort.

Remember, memory foam has a tendancy to run warm so use in the hot summer months should be limited.

If your small dogs like a home of thier own, many great options are available. Pooch can be perching like a princess on a bed of look-a-like silken pillows in no time. And everything can be monogrammed.

Why shouldn’t our loyal companions live in the style and luxury we require for ourselves? Doggie Design is here. Call your favorite Interior Designer to incorporate your dog’s needs, wants and desires into your home without compromising quality or style.

10 Jul 2008